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In the heart of the Encartaciones, in the Salcedo Valley following the River Kadagua we come to Zalla, amidst lush green fields, thick woodlands and rolling hills.


An excellent starting place for excursions on horse-back, hill-walking and rambling routes abound, such as the Santiago Way which passes close by the hotel and the humble chapel of St Peter Zarikete. Enjoy our local seasonal gastronomy or try amy of the world-famous Michelen-star restaurants in Bilbao and Bizkaia, We highly recommend visits to international medal-winning local "txakolina" white wine producers as well. ( and respectively) Who would dare miss a visit to Bilbao´s world-famous Guggenheim Museum a mere 15 minutes away or the unique luxury car collection at Castle Cancejuelo (Torre Loizaga), or the breath-taking Pozalagua caves in the rural vales of Karrantza, the textil factory Boinas La Encartada, Bizkaia bridge of Portugalete, declared World Heritage by UNESCO, and only 20 minutes away from the hotel, amongst others.


Lovers of the seaside or water-sports like sailing, diving and surf will find the beach of La Arena or Uribe Kosta's many beaches a must visit if only to soak in the sun or enjoy a brisk wintertime stroll on the sand.


If a quick round of golf takes your fancy, the golf courses at Ortuella or Larrabetzu are conveniently nearby. More information on routes for walking, local gastronomy, cultural events and downloadable audioguides are available at: and on the website of the City of Zalla. Happy planning!

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